RetroBlazer features elements prevalent in 2D games with a focus on classic running-and-gunning gameplay. You are challenged by a wide variety of enemies and empowered by a collection of unique weapons. And when firepower isn’t enough, you must rely on your wits to survive the ruins of an once utopian world.

Inspired by 90s sprite-based FPSes, RetroBlazer employs modern technology to push the genre to the limit. RetroBlazer maximizes use of a robust and colorful 32-bit palette to create a distinct hybrid of 16 to 32-bit graphics.

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This project has been in the works as a labor of love for over a decade. Our goal is simple: to create an awesome, fully-realized action game inspired by the games of our childhood and the present!

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The Story

In RetroBlazer you play as trainee warrior Jonas, former member of the ARK City protection unit, the GunBlazers. The protectors have failed and ARK City has been invaded by the evil Judgment Legion, led by the charismatic Lokhan.

Gaven, alongside his TechBlazer engineer, Javelin, fought against the Legion only to be forced into retreat after being gravely wounded.

At a hidden laboratory on the outskirts of ARK’s Outer World, Javelin restores Jonas with a mysterious armor, formerly worn by an unknown GunBlazer soldier, which Javelin dubs: the RetroBlazer.

Rendezvous with Javelin and the remaining GunBlazers to reclaim ARK City and defeat the Judgment!


The Enemy

 The Judgment Legion – An army of reformatted robots called the “Automatrons”. Led by their leader, Lokahn the Judgment, the mechanical force consists of  soldiers and a specialist force for each Zone. Each area of Outer World contains different Automatrons specially designed for the terrain.


RetroBlazer’s gameplay is fast. VERY fast. The controls are so precise and responsive, that you can fly through areas at ridiculous speeds. It’s simple, clean, and frantically awesome!

Combine that speed and accuracy with intense combat, and a sprinkle of puzzle-solving, and you get an unique game experience unlike any other.

Obstacles and enemies stand between you and victory. There are toxic water pits, lava, exploding barrels, and chasms of doom as terrain hazards. Enemies are everywhere, the obvious and not-so-obvious—shoot them all! And be sure to expose hidden areas via walls you can blow up.

The Laboratory

Escape and stop the mechanical forces being constructed!

The Underground Quarry

The enemy is building their armies deep underground…

Temple of Setah

The Desert Temples of ARK’s Outer World have thier own dangers…

Download the V2 Alpha Demo

We are proud of our demo, but there are some notable changes from the current plans and versions that is being polished, most notable that certain weapons use your energy crystals as a means to power alternate fire, this will be changed in future releases, but it’s worth noting. Many things are certainly subject to change as the game develops.

Download Demo

Demo Version: v0.20
Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows, Linux, or Mac OS Compatible Machine
  • Intel Duo, AMD X2, or PPC G4 1.5 GHz CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • OpenGL Compatible GPU with 128MB of Video Memory
  • 80MB of free hard disk space


Win XP, Win 7, Win 8

Mac OS

Mac OS 10.2 thru Mac OS 10.10


Most Linux Kernels

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We have some awesome rewards available! From easy to download digital packages to physical merchandise that will make RetroBlazer an awesome part of your collection. We have a variety of tiers we call “Packs” that offer exactly what you want. All box art and packaging subject to change.

About Us

Hydra Game Works is an independent video game studio founded by gamers for gamers. Fueled by our insatiable appetite for making awesome games, we strive to deliver quality experiences that we too want to enjoy.

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